Let’s assume that if till now a household consumed 100 litres of water per day, then in 14 years’ time, in 2029, we can drink, bathe and water plants with only 60 litres a day, or at least this is the conclusion a report called UN World Water Development comes to.
The Earth’s accessible water resource is for the moment the same as it was earlier, the only thing is that the population is far greater and on top of this we all use far more water, frequently in a wasteful way.
However, even if we are saving on water, then we are increasingly watering those plants and feeding those animals that serve as nutrition for us. More precisely: we use nearly 70% of the world’s water resources for the production of foodstuffs. (Source: Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.)
Our water resources are further depleted by 19% in industrial usage so that only 12% of the total resource is left for households’ drinking, cooking and washing needs.
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